Tiny Core - a very small linux distribution for the Raspberry PI (piCore)

Recently, I searched for a very small linux distribution for my Raspberry PI Zero. I wanted to build a small camera project which demands a very fast boot process. I searched for that in the internet and then I came to Tiny Core, a linux distribution that promised everything I need for that. I tried it out and I was so surprised, that I wanted to write a small how-to here, that describes how easy it is to set up and get things running.

OpenSCAD implementation of bezier curves of any degrees

Recently, I saw a Youtube video where someone implemented bezier curves for 3 and 4 degrees, and I thought it would be nice if there would be a version with any degrees. I didn’t find something like that, so I implemented it myself. First, you need a definition of a line (which is surprisingly not a standard datatype in OpenSCAD):

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Tiny Core - a very small linux distribution for the Raspberry PI (piCore)
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I am a PhD-student from Frankfurt in Germany. My research topics are machine learning and human robot interaction. More precisely I work on active learning and cooperative intelligence in task completion right now.

In my free time I like to make things. Some of them are tech related, but others are not. I am also interested in programming, web-programming, robotics and drones, IoT, photography and making delicious filter coffee or espresso. Last but not least I am a big fan and collector of retro video games, especially N64 and SNES. You can take a look at my complete collection.

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