A2VQ Visualization Label Interface (demonstration video)
One sub-goal in my PhD was it to enable an intuitive and effective cooperation between human and robot. In an object teaching setting, this relates to a powerful labeling interface. We found out, that current dimension reduction techniques like t-SNE or UMAP can be utilized for creating high-quality 2D embeddings of image samples which can be used for visualizing thumbnails to the user for labeling. I implemented a flexible web-based frontend with the d3 library for comfortably label image samples and also for animating the proposed querying method from the paper.

ALeFra – Active Learning Framework
Convert any classifier (online and offline) in an active trainable classifier. The classifier can be trained easily and the training progress can be visualized in different ways to better understand what is going on. Please check the Github page for full example usages and interactive result plots.

OpenSCAD Polygon Editor
I created this Web-App for creating and editing 2D polygons, which can be exported to and imported from OpenSCAD code. There is a variety of tools available to manipulate polygons with e.g. subdividing them or drawing them by using images as masks.

Music Toolbox
Combining my interests of programming and music producing, I am currently implementing a toolbox for musicians. This is a work-in-progress.

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I am a PhD-candidate from Bielefeld, Germany. My research topics are machine learning and human-robot cooperation. More precisely I work on active learning and cooperative intelligence in a human-robot teaching setting. If you are interested in my research, you can check out my publications here.