3D prints for a loving home

As I walked through my apartment recently, I noticed how many 3D-printed stuff I have printed over the last 3-4 years. So I decided to create a larger post here, with some useful projects I printed for a loving home. May it can inspire someone for future projects.

Kitchen Utilities


To be honest, this angels could also be bought but using printed ones just feels so much better. kitchen shelves Then I have printed this things. I never saw them in a hardware store. kitchen shelves Screw them on some planks ... kitchen shelves ... and voila, shelves for spices are built! kitchen shelves I said spices! kitchen shelves More spices!! kitchen shelves

Coffee utilities

There are some cool things to print for a porta filter machine. First, here is the most obvious device: a tamper for pressing in the coffee into the porta filter. The tamper works extremely well, because the bottom is very flat because of a flat print surface and a bit over extrusion. porta filter utilities

This thing belongs to a... porta filter utilities small table trash can to remove the wet coffee ground from the porta filter after extracting a coffee. porta filter utilities

Lightning tools

Light Box

I always wanted to have a softlight for filming videos on my desk. But instead of using a single bulb with a shade, I thought about soldering a long led strip (this one was one of the cheapest I could find) to a grid and building a box for it.

soft light box soft light box

As a ground plate, I took some milk glass to soften the light. The milk glass is hold by some printed accessories and below the box there is a printed camera holder for a go pro (unfortunately the top part can not be seen in the picture). Because the lamp is 0.5 meters long and wide, the image of the go pro is lightened out perfectly.

soft light box


Here is a lamp with moving joints, I designed pretty early. Unfortunately, the joints are not so durable, so I ended up reprinting them and just glued them together with hot glue.

lamp lamp

For Animals and Pets

The prints I enjoyed using most are those for animals and pets.

Bird swing

The bird swing was well appreciated by my budgies. I designed it with OpenSCAD and strengthen out the edges with a triangle structure. bird swing bird swing

Bird feeder

This was just a prototype, where I tested out if a print in combination with an RC servo can make a feeding machine for small grains. It really worked out but did not make it to a final product yet. bird feeder

Bird shower

Also a prototype where I connected a small water pump to a printed shower head. This worked out perfectly but I could not get the damn budgies under that thing :( bird shower

For outside

Bird house / Food dispenser

Without a doubt, this thing was the best print to look at. Enjoying breakfast while viewing happy birds using this print for a living? - Just awesome!

bird house or food dispenser bird house or food dispenser


Key hooks

Just a key holder for hooking up keys and smaller things next to the apartment door.

key hooks

Fixing furniture

I bought a small drawer from IKEA some years ago and they have this very thin rails that broke super easy as you can see on the left. fixing ikea drawers

So I decided to redesign them in a more stable way.

fixing ikea drawers

There you can see three iterations of it. The solid ones where much stronger - as expected.

fixing ikea drawers

Final result:

fixing ikea drawers

Curtain rod holders

I could not get these double rod holders for hanging up curtains infront of a big window/door in the living room, so I outsourced the design of those things and printed it out myself.

curtain holder

They are not solid but printed with a higher infill percentage. However, next time I would rather design them with two screws than with only one, to make sure it sticks to the wall even with pulling on the curtains.

curtain holder

Hope you enjoyed this post. If so, please leave a comment and share ;)


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