ICRA workshop paper accepted

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I’m very glad that our workshop submission Leveraging YOLO-World and GPT-4V LMMs for Zero-Shot Person Detection and Action Recognition in Drone Imagery got accepted. I’m very excited to go to the conference and especially I’m excited for presenting our work at the Vision-Language Models for Navigation and Manipulation (VLMNM) workshop and speak with many like-minded people there. If you are attending the conference get in touch and let’s have a coffee!

Abstract: In this article, we explore the potential of zero-shot Large Multimodal Models (LMMs) in the domain of drone perception. We focus on person detection and action recognition tasks and evaluate two prominent LMMs, namely YOLO-World and GPT-4V(ision) using a publicly available dataset captured from aerial views. Traditional deep learning approaches rely heavily on large and high-quality training datasets. However, in certain robotic settings, acquiring such datasets can be resource-intensive or impractical within a reasonable timeframe. The flexibility of prompt-based Large Multimodal Models (LMMs) and their exceptional generalization capabilities have the potential to revolutionize robotics applications in these scenarios. Our findings suggest that YOLO-World demonstrates good detection performance. GPT-4V struggles with accurately classifying action classes but delivers promising results in filtering out unwanted region proposals and in providing a general description of the scenery. This research represents an initial step in leveraging LMMs for drone perception and establishes a foundation for future investigations in this area.